Green Oak Seminar Class

In order too supplement the research taking place in the Green Oak Studio and fully explore the possibilities of this project a separate team of students meet twice a week to help investigate the Green Oak Project. This team broke itself down into four sub groups in order to concentrate mental capabilities and production. The […]

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Preliminary Design

After visiting the site we have started to design. Between the twelve of us we have a few hundred sketches. Everyone is exploring the site, intended uses, climate, culture, materials, sustainable strategies, codes, ADA requirements, and even more to produce diagrams and concepts. Collaborating our ideas and goals together to produce a single design concept […]

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It’s hard to believe that our year of living in the New Norris House is over. During our time there, it was a bit like living in a lab; our energy and water usage were monitored, and we tested the design and systems installed in the house. Although we’ve moved out, there are several things […]

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