A New Norris House / Systems and Equipment

Critical to the project’s success, the home was first designed to lower projected consumption as much as possible. Half the area of a median house, the project reduces delivered and embodied energy and carbon through compactness. A robust envelope (R-30 walls, R-42 roof, R-24 crawl), cross ventilation, useful solar gain, and mitigation of unwanted solar gain maximize passive design and minimize use of high-efficiency mechanical systems.

From this point of departure, the New Norris House project makes use of contemporary, high-efficiency building systems to achieve project goals of lowering energy consumption, while simultaneously full integrating these processes into the design of the home and lifestyle of the occupant.

Heat and Air Conditioning
-Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump (MXZ3A30NA)
-(3) Mitsubishi Mini-Split Ductless Indoor Wall Units (MSZ-A09NA and MSZ-A15NA)
-Fantech Energy Recovery Ventilator (SE704N)

Hot Water Production
-Primary System – Enerworks Residential Solar Thermal Single Tank System
-Backup/Makeup Hot Water Heater- Eemax 11.5kw Electric Tankless Hot Water Heater, Model #: EX012240T

Rainwater System
Working with BRAE, the integrated project team designed and installed a BRAE Complete System to capture and treat rainwater on-site using the following components:
-Rain Harvesting Downspout First Flush Diverter (pre-tank filtration)
-Rain Harvesting “Rain Catcher” Filter Box (pre-tank filtration)
-400 Gallon Synder Slimline Storage Tank
-100-Micron Y Strainer
-Leader Ecorain Advanced Rainwater Pump and System Controller
-PURA UV-BB3 Whole House Filtration System (5-Micron Wound String Sediment Filter; 0.5 Micron Carbon Block Filter; UV lamp Treatment)

Garden Cistern
A custom designed rainwater system in the garden utilizes overflow rainwater from the primary cistern to supply untreated water (only larger debris has been filtered) to the vegetable garden.
-Jandy 3-Way Valve (for winterized diversion to bio-retention and rainwater infiltration beds)
-200 Gallon PVC Storage Tank (with Sump)
-Antique Cast Iron Handpump (Restored by Pumps of Tennessee)