A New Norris House / Modular Partnership


AIA_smallproject-copy.inddThe TVA used the original Norris houses to experiment with new materials, technologies and building techniques of the era, such as precast concrete beams, plywood interiors, and modular construction.

The New Norris House expands on this history of innovation by partnering with Clayton Homes to construct the shell of the home. The majority of framing, insulating, sheathing, and MEP rough-in work was completed off-site in a controlled environment and was finished in 5 days with minimal waste.

After the modular units were delivered to the site, the design/build project team began the task of completing custom interior and exterior finishes. As an infill site, phasing of on-site and off-site work required careful phasing. Furthermore, the necessary hinging of the roof structure for shipping and building with zero collar ties pushed the modular partner to new limits and innovations.

The relationship between the academic project team and Clayton Homes was the topic of a 2012 ACSA Fall Conference Paper.