A New Norris House / Interior

Modest entries from the side continue efficient planning of the original but upon entry the soaring, light filled space and its extension into the street and landscape is a welcome departure. A continuous ridge-beam and advanced framing techniques allows for large vaulted interior with no collar ties. To make the most of a small footprint, built-in cabinetry in the kitchen, swing-space, and bedroom is treated as furniture rather than an enclosed space– concealing appliances and storage in order to make more room for living.

Private zones in the bedroom have lower ceilings to allow for the loft above. Exposed framing and structural wood decking minimize floor assembly depth and maximize room height within the restricted volume. Careful studies to maximize daylighting within the home drove drove glazing areas, placement, and exterior shading devices. Skylights are strategically sized and placed to maximize impact and limit solar gain. The design expresses the joining of modules at the marriage wall and the 2×12 roof framing system.

The home makes extensive use of environmentally preferable products, using local, recycled, reclaimed, or low-VOC materials almost exclusively.