A New Norris House / Findings And Outcomes

As research efforts are still underway, this page is being continually updated. Largely, the home and landscape has performed as modeled. Preliminary findings were the topic of a AIA Housing Research Webinar presentation, accessible here.

All calculations are based on measurements taken over the course of study period (Aug 2011 — Aug 2013) at the New Norris House project (1008sf: 768sf living area + 240sf loft).

Energy Use
Average annual energy use: 23022 kBTU
Predicted Annual EUI: 24.2kBtu/sf
Observed Annual EUI: 26.8kBtu/sf
Energy Use Intensity (EUI) Reduction from National Avg (45.5btu/sf): 49.7% *
Energy Use Intensity (EUI) Reduction from Tennessee Avg (42.4kbtu/sf): 46.0% *

Energy Use Reduction from average US home (89600 kBTU): 74.3%**
Energy Use Reduction from average Tennessee home (78700 kBTU): 70.7%**
Home Energy Rating (HERS) Index: 49
Lighting Power Density: 1.10watts/sf

Water Use
Precipitation managed on-site: 99%
Waste water reused on-site: 73% ***
Annual potable water use: 17.9 gal/sf †
Potable water reduction from National AVG: 52.3% ††