A New Norris House / Community Connectivity

The Town of Norris is centered on a common green with commercial, educational and spiritual amenities within walking distance to clustered homes. The historic plan supports lifestyles that emphasize walking and cycling a half-mile to 14 basic amenities (schools, grocery, café, post office, library, and banking), weekly farmer’s markets and concerts, and seasonal festivals. A forgotten path that connected Oak Road to a path network, forest preserve and amenities is reconstituted on the project site to encourage non-vehicular trips and chance encounters. The project includes a residency program as part of the post-occupancy evaluation. A graduate student/professional who studies and works digitally from home was selected to better understand the local/global opportunities afforded by digital technology – inspired by the TVA’s study of the impact electrification had on domestic life for the original cottage dwellers.

The New Norris House project earned full credit for LEED for Homes LL5.3 for Outstanding Community Resources