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Eben-Ezer Medical Clinic Expansion | Ft. Liberte, Haiti

Haiti is a very impoverished nation where organized, public healthcare is virtually non-existent. The majority of the population has never experienced a clinic-type setting before and often time suffers from disease and sickness caused by unclean water. More than anything, there is an overwhelming sense of chaos and disorder throughout the nation.   Because Haiti […]

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Eben-Ezer Medical Clinic, Ft. Liberte Haiti

Three main focal points of the project include passive ventilation, the patient-family dynamic, and visibility and wayfinding. In our research we found that the healthcare experience in Haiti is often highly crowded and chaotic. Large crowds of people gather all day to wait to be seen by a doctor. This level of social desperation made […]

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Eben-Ezer Medical Clinic Addition

FROM THE OUTSIDE-IN: to maximize cooling within the buildings, waiting spaces for patients and their families occur in outdoor courtyards and covered areas. Further waiting for children, families, and patients alike may also occur below the mango trees planted throughout the campus. By keeping patients and families on the outside, security and sanitation are maximized […]

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Clinic Community

FUNCTION Clinic Community strives to provide a variety of services to the citizens of Fort Liberté. In addition to serving as an innovative local clinic, the complex also provides educational services as well as opportunities for community involvement. The clinical component is composed of standard medical program such as triage, exam rooms, observation rooms, laboratory, […]

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