P3 Grant Award Winners

As you may or may not have heard, we are now the proud recipients of the EPA P3 Phase 2 grant! The whole team is brimming with excitement over our victory and cannot wait to see where the project takes us next! Not only did we win the Phase 2 grant, we took home a Student’s Choice award; our fellow exhibitors voted and agreed we were worthy of taking home the prize! We are deeply honored and just want to say that every single booth that participated in the exposition did a knock-out job creating projects that benefitted People, Prosperity, and the Planet! We are all winners when it comes to improving the quality of life for everyone. One of the most exciting parts of the exposition was getting to talk to the students of different universities and share similar research stories and talk about what worked and what did not. All in all, we had an extremely successful semester and an invaluable exposition. Thank you to everyone involved at the EPA, the USA Science and Engineering festival, and everyone who proposed a project. Who knows, the next time we all meet up we may have built a Green Oak House!