Green Oak Seminar Class

In order too supplement the research taking place in the Green Oak Studio and fully explore the possibilities of this project a separate team of students meet twice a week to help investigate the Green Oak Project. This team broke itself down into four sub groups in order to concentrate mental capabilities and production. The groups work to solve any challenges which arise in studio as well as provide other areas of expertise to influence studio design.

The four groups are categorized into:

Technical Challenges

Investigates any potential problems in the construction of a green oak assembly such as openings and shrinkage or types of joints and connections


Focuses on off-site construction and moving strategies to optimize a bent system for interstate transportation, and on site assembly. 


Explores the requirements of the Living Building Challenge and how these requirements will affect the design and technicalities of the project.

‘DIY’ Mechanical Systems

Collaborates with the sustainability group to find systems such as solar hot water heating systems or storm water systems that are compatible with the Living Building Challenge requirements.

-Oliver White