Brick Meets Beardsley | From CDs to Site

After time well spent on heightening our skills as novice masons, we have finally made it to the big leagues, the site itself. Over the next week we will build a mock up wall on site with the guidance of J.C. and our set of construction documents.  Each brick must be properly placed with mortar and leveled to the string line in a fashion completely devoid of the four straight, precise lines of our autocad files. This is a lesson in the imperfection of the building process and, therefore, the imperfection in design. Not every brick lines up like it does in the theoretical world of plans, sections and elevations. We must be attuned to act of making like never before and allow the wall to teach us these lessons. The final result, the wall, will be a tool for the next group of students to utilize as much as that first CMU block was for us three months ago.