Ground Breaking | Here We Go


A truly exciting day for the Beardsley Farm and the community it supports. After a long journey that began more than five years ago, the project to give the farm a substantial structure is finally underway. The local community is invested in the success of Beardsley Farm as much as the students are invested in the design and brick work. The number of attendees is a testament to this fact. In attendance were local school children, the dean of The College of Architecture and Design, Mayor Madeline Rogero, officials from the Community Action Committee, and, of course, the Beardsley Farm team. While the day was full of ceremony and the ritualistic shoveling of earth, the moment was best defined as a true mark of human kindness and resilience.  That is what Beardsley Farm is to the people it serves and to the people it teaches on a daily basis. The structure we are designing is just the best tool in a set of already well-established means of reaching out to others. It is exciting to see how we, the students and faculty, fit into the overall mission of Beardsley Farm.