AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE) Top-10 Green Award

We are very excited to share that the New Norris House Project has been named by the AIA’s Committee on the Environment (COTE) as one of the Top-10 Green projects of 2013! This award is one of the most prestigious in architecture in the US, and recognizes “exemplary and innovative built projects that establish a standard of  excellence in sustainable design, demonstrate its benefits, and educate both the profession and the public.”

This is enormous honor would not be possible without the tireless efforts all those involved!

Check out the variety of coverage below:–the-2013-aia-cote-top-ten-green-projects.aspx–new-norris-house.aspx

From Wired:

“These features are being seamlessly integrated into the design and not being treated like gizmos,” says Hosey. “They don’t jump out because they’re being folded into the design.” An example of that is the New Norris House which was constructed from wood reclaimed from a hundred-year-old barn and fitted out with super efficient heating systems, but just looks like a modern home, which might be the biggest win green design has enjoyed so far.”

AIA COTE Jury Comments:

“One of the things we appreciate about this little house was that it was one of the few projects that really looked at the manufacturing process holistically and actually how a residence could be delivered on site in a really economical way and in a way that conserved energy. We appreciated the prefabrication dimension and also the historical references to the older Norris houses in the site that surrounds it. This type of residence could be replicable so it could have a far greater influence than just a single house.”

“It’s a house that performs pretty well and is pretty affordable and solves some of the combinations of problems we are looking at with regard to affordable housing.”

Thanks for your interest!